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museums in Nairobi

The Best Museums in Nairobi

Nairobi’s museums are often overlooked gems that offer a fascinating insight into Kenya’s history, cultures, and traditions.  The museums may not be stuffed full of

Coffee Shops in Nairobi

The 16 Best Coffee Shops in Nairobi

Coffee may be Kenya’s no.1 export, but for the longest time, that’s all it was: something to ship overseas. Now, with 100s of coffee shops

Kenyan Flag on Map
Practical Info

Where to Find NGO Jobs in Kenya in 2021

Are you looking for the latest NGO jobs in Kenya?  Organisations are always posting new positions, but competition is high.  If you want to stay


7 Essential Kenyan History Books

Kenyan history is incredibly complicated.  For one, powerful forces in Kenya and elsewhere have dominated the narrative of the country’s past. They’ve twisted events to

moving companies in Nairobi
Moving to Nairobi

The Best Moving Companies in Nairobi

Whether you’re just moving across town or relocating to the coast, there are plenty of moving companies in Nairobi to help you.  But how can

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Yoga in Nairobi
Fitness and Sports

Staying Fit in Nairobi

Keeping fit and health in Nairobi is easy. Across the city, in every neighbourhood there’s countless clubs and studios for all your favourite sports and

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