My name is Amy and I’ve been living in Nairobi for almost 3 years working, travelling and enjoying this maddening, overwhelming but most of the time whole heartedly wonderful city. I got into blogging when I started writing about Nairobi’s food scene on Foodies Club Nairobi on Facebook (before becoming one of the Admin’s for the group) and writing restaurant reviews for for Eat and I’ve been featured on travel blog, in Woman’s Healthy Magazine and ran the media site Nairobi Social Club, as well as my own food blog ‘AmyCooksAgain‘ which all cover the best places to eat and source ingredients in Nairobi.

I’m happy to help new and old expats a like get to know different corners of Nairobi and other cities across Africa that I have gotten to know really well including: Kampala, Johannesburg, Harare, Dar es Salaam and Port Louis (Mauritius).

Reach out on here or in the comments section. If you have any questions about moving to Kenya/Nairobi or East Africa in general. It can seem daunting to move to this city but I promise you’ll never regret it, no matter what you end up taking away from Kenya.

Leave your details below if you need help with moving to Nairobi or have a question about Kenya’s capital and I’ll get back to you!

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