The 14 Best Gyms in Nairobi [With Prices]

When I first moved here, I was horrified at the prices of gyms in Nairobi. 

$80 a month to share a 30-year-old treadmill with 50 people… an hour from my apartment? 

Okay, so it wasn’t that bad. But for a long time, staying fit in Nairobi felt like an exclusive pastime for the elite. 

But that was then. This is now.

While some older gyms in Nairobi are still overpriced for what they offer, affordable, modern gyms are popping up all over the city. Even better, most offer excellent classes as part of their membership – from CrossFit and Muay Thai, to yoga and pole dancing.

To help you find the perfect gym for your workout style and fitness goals, I’ve researched the best gyms in every neighborhood in Nairobi. 

Check them out for yourself, and let me know if I missed any!

And if you prefer to workout at home – or don’t want to commute to a gym 3-4 times per week –  keep reading until the end for a bonus tip. 

Quick Guide: The 8 Best Gyms in Nairobi

  1. Smart Gyms Junction Mall, Ngong Rd.
  2. Racing Sport Gym, Westlands
  3. Smart Gyms Diamond Plaza, Parklands
  4. Ultra Fitness Gym, Kilimani
  5. Zarnash Gym, Lavington
  6. Penthouse Fitness, CBD
  7. Smart Gyms The Hub, Karen
  8. Laurasam Fitness Centre, Ngara

Junction and Ngong Rd. 

Smart Gyms Junction

Smart Gym’s Junction Mall branch was it’s first to open and immediately made a huge impact. It felt like the first truly modern, affordable, well-equipped, and well-located gym in Nairobi. 

And for all those reasons, it’s still just as popular. Smart Gyms continues to offer excellent value and high standards, with a wide range of cardio and weight training equipment and fitness classes to choose from. 

[View on Google Maps]

  • Monthly Membership: 5,000
  • 3-month Membership: 12,500
  • 6-month Membership: 23,000
  • 12-month Membership: 46,000

Colosseum Fitness Centre

Colosseum is an excellent pick if you’re looking for something more immersive than the usual gym experience. 

They focus on more personalized training, offering group and individual classes in Muay Thai, boxing, fitness, and pole dancing. But you like to work out alone, there’s plenty of room and equipment for that too.  

[View on Google Maps]

  • 1 Training Session: 500
  • 12 Session Per Month: 4,000
  • Unlimited Monthly Membership: 5,000

Rates for Muay Thai, Personal Training, Pole Dancing available on their website.


Racing Sport Gym 

RSG is conveniently located in the heart of Westlands – perfect if you work or live in the neighborhood. 

It offers exceptional value, with plenty of modern workout equipment, a steam room and sauna, and access to their Parklands branch included in your membership. And despite being in one of Nairobi’s busiest areas, just down the road from The Alchemist, it never gets crowded.

[View on Google Maps]

  • Day Pass: 1,350
  • Monthly Membership [Off-Peak]: 5,300
  • Monthly Membership: 6,150
  • 12-month Membership [Off-Peak]: 50,150
  • 12-month Membership: 59,000


Smart Gyms Diamond Plaza II

Smart Gyms’ Parkland branch offers the same quality and value as the Junction Mall branch, conveniently located in Diamond Plaza II.

It’s close to loads of offices, apartments, and shopping centres, as well as the Africa Yoga Project just across the road in Diamond Plaza I.

[View on Google Maps]

  • Monthly Membership: 5,000
  • 3-month Membership: 12,500
  • 6-month Membership: 23,000
  • 12-month Membership: 46,000

Racing Sport Gym

Like its Westlands location, RSG Parklands provides excellent, well-maintained equipment, plenty of space, and a pleasant atmosphere. 

[View on Google Maps]

  • Day Pass: 1,350
  • Monthly Membership [Off-Peak]: 5,300
  • Monthly Membership: 6,150
  • 12-month Membership [Off-Peak]: 50,150
  • 12-month Membership: 59,000


Ultra Fitness Gym

On a quiet stretch of Kilimani Rd, close to Adams Arcade roundabout, Ultra Fitness Gym has great equipment and classes for weight training, CrossFit, Muay Thai, and much more. 

Members speak very highly of the passionate staff and trainers. 

The gym also offers plenty of flexible membership plans, whether you’re in Nairobi for a week or a year. 

[View on Google Maps]

  • Day Pass: 500
  • Weekly Pass: 4,000
  • Monthly Membership: 6,000
  • 3-month Membership: 30,000
  • 6-month Membership: 15,000
  • 12-month Membership: 60,000


Zarnash Gym @ Jafferys

Zarnash Gym is part of Jafferys Sports Club in Lavington, most popular for its free running track. 

While the gym is relatively small, it’s rarely busy and well equipped, with plenty of fresh air from the upstairs balcony. 

One of the older gyms in Nairobi, Zarnash is expensive for what it offers but is conveniently located for anyone living or working in Lavington. 

[View on Google Maps]

  • Day Pass: 700
  • Monthly Membership [Off-Peak]: 6,500
  • Monthly Membership: 8,500
  • 3-month Membership: 23,500
  • 12-month Membership: 68,000


Wentworth Gym

Set in the otherwise very pleasant Wentworth Apartments, Wentworth gym has some good equipment but feels a bit old and worn out. Compared to newer, nicer gyms, Wentworth’s membership plan doesn’t offer good value. 

However, if you don’t want to commute to better gyms elsewhere, it may be worth the high price. 

[View on Google Maps]

  • Monthly Membership: 11,000 


Crossfit Kwetu

Perfectly located halfway down the road between Village Market and the UN, Crossfit Kwetu is definitely targeting the local diplomat scene on their way home from work. 

It offers an all-in-one package with plenty to compliment the regular CrossFit classes that draw the crowds: a snack bar selling smoothies and healthy snacks, personalized training, and more. 

As the name suggests, this is for Crossfitters. If it’s not your scene, you may be better suited at a more traditional gym. 

[View on Google Maps]

  • Monthly Membership: Starting from 8,750


While researching this guide, I was surprised to learn how many gyms there are in Nairobi’s CBD. 

Even better, they’re all affordable and of good quality. However, due to traffic, they’re probably only convenient for people working or studying in the CBD. Everybody else would be better off finding a gym in their local neighborhood.

PentHouse Gymnasium

Like the name suggests, PentHouse Gymnasium is on one of the top floors of Viewpark Tower, looking out over Central Park. It’s also on the same street as Alliance Francais. 

Penthouse is super-modern and perfectly located for people working in the CBD. 

They offer a wide range of classes and training regimes, along with an in-house kitchen selling healthy smoothies and juices to boost your workout and recovery. 

For the facilities, quality of equipment, and location, PentHouse Gymnasium offers excellent value. 

[View on Google Maps]

  • Day Pass: 550
  • Weekly Pass: 2,500
  • Monthly Membership: 5,500
  • 3-month Membership:15,000
  • 6-Month Membership: 28,000
  • 12-month Membership: 44,000


Laurasam Fitness Centre

Laurasam is one of the best budget gyms in Nairobi. 

They offer a wide range of flexible membership plans for students, couples, and corporate customers, as well as off-peak plans. Their long term memberships are amongst the best value in the city. 

It’s not a big gym, so I recommend going off-peak, so you’re not competing for machines. 

[View on Google Maps]

  • Day Pass: 500
  • Monthly Membership: 5,500
  • 3-month Membership:14,500
  • 6-Month Membership: 16,200
  • 12-month Membership: 33,000


Smart Gyms The Hub

Offers the same excellent value for money and high standards you can expect from every Smart Gyms location. 

There’s plenty of fresh air and room to move around as you work out. 

Unfortunately, despite being open from 05.30 am to 7 pm, the gym can get very crowded. This is probably due to the overall lack of good gyms in Karen. Hopefully, that will change!

[View on Google Maps]

  • Monthly Membership: 5,000
  • 3-month Membership: 12,500
  • 6-month Membership: 23,000
  • 12-month Membership: 46,000

Bonus Tip: Apartments with Gyms

Many modern apartment complexes in Nairobi now include small private fitness centres and gyms for tenants. 

You’ll pay higher rent in such complexes, and equipment may be more limited than in big gyms like Smart Gym. But it’s often much better value and more convenient when you don’t even have to leave your complex to work out. 

Sports Shops in Nairobi

Before jumping into your next workout, make sure you have the right clothes and equipment. 

Nairobi has plenty of great sports shops and online stores selling training, workout and, 

Nairobi Sports House

Nairobi Sports House has plenty of equipment and exercise clothing for the gym with physical stores dotted through Nairobi and a well-stocked online store. 


Jumia has a massive range of cheap exercise equipment for both the gym and home workouts. 

As always, quality on the site varies greatly, so check the reviews before you purchase anything.

What’s Your Favourite Gym in Nairobi? Did I Miss It?

Hopefully, I’ve helped you find the best gym in Nairobi for your workout style, budget, and location. 

This list is still growing, and I’m adding to it regularly as I explore more of the city’s gyms. If you know a great gym in Nairobi that I’ve not included here, put a link in the comments below, and I’ll add it ASAP. 

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