International Schools in Nairobi

International schools provide a great foundation for children to further their studies anywhere in the world. And there is a wide variety and quality of international schools in Nairobi. The schools on this list are globally accredited and have a great record of producing high-achieving graduates. 

These schools are undoubtedly among the top education centres in the country. A lot of them aim to provide as wide an opportunity for learning as possible so your children can find themselves and their interests.

Let’s find an international school in Nairobi that’s suitable for you and your children.

The Aga Khan Academy

The Aga Khan Academy is made up of three schools: Nursery school, Junior School, and Senior school. The three work to develop their students ethically and spiritually. The community is well diversified, being one of the more populous schools on this list. The school, therefore, encourages open-minded thinking and multiculturality.

The Aga Khan Academy Fees

Fees are annual.

ClassFees (KShs)
Kindergarten 1284,050
Kindergarten 2284,450
Kindergarten 3332,050
Grade 1 and 2245,800
Grade 3261,200
Grade 4255,000
Grade 5264,600

Find the full fee structures here.

Notable Campus Facilities: Drama and film studio and ICT rooms with SMART-Boards.

Banda School

  • Location: Magadi Road
  • Curriculum: British
  • Ages: 2 to 13
  • Boarding or Day School: Flexible boarding for up to 34 pupils
  • Total No. of pupils: ~360
  • Website

The Banda School strives to provide the highest quality formal education and the best co-curricular activities in the city. The school has consistently produced graduates who go on to study abroad, with a good number receiving sponsorships. A special focus has been given to their music department that even includes studio recording for both vocal and instrumental work.

Banda School Fees

Fees are per term in KShs.

Class5 days per week3 days per week5 mornings per week4 mornings per week3 mornings per week
Playgroup (1 to 2 years)65,00054,00043,000
Nursery 1 (2 to 3 years)225,000154,000187,300137,200
Nursery 2 (3 to 4 years)250,000179,200197,300167,200
Reception (4 to 5 years)280,000
Year 1380,000
Year 2585,000
Year 3 to 8645,000

Find the full fee structures here.

Notable Campus Facilities: Squash, AstroTurf, Golf, Swimming, Cricket, Tennis, Art Crafts and Music.

Braeburn School

  • Location: Gitanga Rd, Lavington
  • Curriculum: British
  • Ages: 3 to 18
  • Boarding or Day School: Mixed. Weekly boarding available.
  • Total No. of pupils: ~980
  • Website

Braeburn is proud of its holistic approach to learning, equally emphasising academics, sports, music, art and outdoor activities. 

In the classroom, Braeburn recognises the fast pace of change in the world today and teaches its students to be internationally minded. Outside of class, all students are expected to perform one extra-curricular activity each week. 

Braeburn School Fees

Fees are annual.

ClassFees (Kshs)Deposit
Nursery (mornings only)695,70050,000
Nursery (afternoon care)79,200
Year 1 to 61,590,30050,000
Year 7 to 91,644,90050,000
Year 10 and Year 11 (IGCSE)1,754,10050,000
Year 12 and 13 (AS/A2/BTEC)1,876,80050,000

Find the full fee structures here.

Notable Campus Facilities: Music suites, drama studio, tennis, basketball and squash courts, fully equipped gym, indoor sports hall and two theatres.

Braeside School

A part of the Braeburn Group of Schools, Braeside also encourages internationalism, curiosity, and interest in other cultures. The curriculum is broad and relevant to the interests of the students. The school takes part in local and international sporting events, even providing advanced coaching for gifted athletes.

Braeside School Fees

Fees are annual.

ClassFee (Kshs)Deposit
Crèche (half day)339,89515,000
Crèche (full day), nursery and reception481,20015,000
Year 1 to 6850,20015,000
Year 7 to 9958,49815,000
Year 10 and Year 11 (IGCSE)1,014,00015,000
Year 12 and 13 (AS/A2/BTEC)1,072,60015,000

Find the full fee structures here.

Notable Campus Facilities: Music room, art room, fully equipped food laboratory and a full theatre.


With a campus seemingly modelled after Hogwarts, Brookhouse is proudly the only school in East Africa in the G-30 schools group. The school focuses on achieving a strong performance while having a wide range of subjects options for the students. 

Brookhouse has one of the best auditoriums in the region, in which the students stage major musical and drama productions every year.

Brookhouse Fees

Fees are annual

ClassFees (KShs)
Registration Fee450,000 (once only)
Stage 1315,000
Pre-school stage 2810,000
Pre-school stage 3840,000
Year 11,125,000
Year 21,890,000
Year 31,905,000
Year 41,920,000
Year 51,935,000
Year 62,070,000
Year 7 + 82,085,000
Year 92,295,000
Year 10 + 112,310,000
Year 12 + 132,370,000
BTEC Courses1,245,000
International Foundation Year (IFY)1,425,000

Find the full fee structures here.

Notable Campus Facilities: state of the art auditorium and BTEC music diploma.

Brookhurst International School

Brookhurst, located in a vast, tranquil area of Kajiado provides a holistic approach to learning. The school focuses on each student’s uniqueness and helps them develop positive relationships.

But Brookhurst’s standout feature is their aviation school. Each student has the opportunity to graduate with an internationally recognised Private Pilot License.

Brookhurst International School Fees

Fees are per term

ClassFees (KShs)
Year 3 to 6105,000
Year 7 to 9138,000
Year 10154,000
Year 11180,000
Year 12193,000
Year 13204,000

Find the full fee structures here.

Notable Campus Facilities: Aviation training

Deutsche Schule (The German School) Nairobi

The German School is a German-speaking primary and secondary school that has a strong sense of community. The school encourages their students to be effective in the community around them as well as with each other. Even though the language spoken is primarily German, classes are also taught in English, with French introduced in class 6.

The German School Fees

Fees are annual

ClassFees (in Euros)
Toddler group (half day)7,006
Kindergarten (half day)6,750
Kindergarten (full day)7,618
Primary – Class 1 to 410,867
Secondary – Class 5 to 1212,737

Find the full fee structures here

Notable Campus Facilities: heated pool, sports hall, tennis, basketball and beach volleyball court, and school garden.

Hillcrest International Schools

  • Location: Langata Rd, Karen
  • Curriculum: British
  • Ages: 2 to 18
  • Boarding or Day School: Both
  • Total No. of pupils: ~500
  • Website

Hillcrest provides a family-style environment for education. From the play-based learning employed in the early years to the widely diverse secondary school curriculum, Hillcrest tries to make education engaging and fun. They even work with the Youth Theatre of Kenya to promote the growth of the Performing Arts within Kenya.

Hillcrest International School Fees

Fees are per term.

ClassFees (KShs)
Year 9667,300
Year 10 and 11720,800
Year 12 and 13 (BTEC x 3 + No A-levels)567,000
Year 12 and 13 (A-levels 3 or 4)761,500
Year 12 and 13 (BTEC x 1 + 3 A-levels)761,500
Year 12 and 13 (BTEC x 2 +1 A-level)632,100
Year 12 and 13 (BTEC x 1 + 2 A-levels)697,200

Find the full fee structures here

Notable Campus Facilities: The School’s sports include hockey, basketball, rugby, football, tennis, squash, Equestrian, Swimming, Netball, Rounders, Fencing and Athletics

The International School of Kenya

  • Location: Kirawa Rd, Kitisuru
  • Curriculum: North American High School Diploma, International Baccalaureate
  • Ages: 4 to 17
  • Boarding or Day School: Both
  • Total No. of pupils: ~950
  • Website

Consistently ranked among the top 100 schools in Africa, the ISK is built to blend with nature. It provides a calming environment for learning. The school encourages students to implement in the real world the theories they learn in class through their service learning program. This involves understanding the cultures around them and coming up with solutions to problems they face.

The International School of Kenya Fees

Fees are annual.

ClassFees ($)
Grades 1 to 528,350
Grades 6 to 829,625
Grades 9 and 1031,298
Grades 11 and 1232,543

Notable Campus Facilities: high-end gymnasium, greenhouse, and their Global Issues Network.

Kenton College Preparatory School

Kenton College has one of the best environments in Nairobi. Located in the cool, leafy suburbs of Kileleshwa, the school aims to nurture creativity and self-expression. One of their objectives is to guide pupils’ decision making when problem-solving.

Kenton also facilitates various unique outdoor activities to enhance broad thinking among their pupils. And while the school follows Judeo-Christian traditions, they encourage insight and cohesion among all religions.

Kenton College Preparatory School Fees

Kenton College charges KSh 640,500/- per term for year 3 and above. There are 3 Terms per year and school fees are marginally increased at the beginning of each academic year.

Notable Campus Facilities: The Davies Music Gallery, an 8 lane swimming pool and a full-size synthetic grass pitch.

Light International School

Light International School is a relatively affordable institution to get a quality British education. The school is accredited by Cambridge and BTEC. There’s also a rich variety of extra-curricular activities to take part in, including a model UN club.

Light International School Fees

Fees are per term.

ClassFee (KShs – tuition only)
Form 1100,000
Form 2 and 390,000
Form 4140,000

Find the full fee structures here

Millennium Global School

  • Location: Peponi Rise, Kitisuru
  • Curriculum: Pearson Edexcel iPrimary
  • Ages: 3 to 18
  • Boarding or Day School: Day
  • Total No. of pupils: ~50
  • Website

Millennium’s curriculum is structured to be fun, lively and interactive. The classes are small-sized to ensure each child gets enough personal attention. The school encourages its students and staff to contribute to the welfare of the community through frequent community service projects.

Notable Campus Facilities: Rollerblade training, media club, chess club, mixed martial arts and even financial literacy as an extracurricular activity.

Millennium Global School Fees

Fees are annual and effective September 2020 – August 2022

ClassFees ($)
Nursery to Pre-primary2,100
Year 1 and 22,400
Year 3 and 42,550
Year 5 and 6 2,700
Year 73,000
Year 83,300
Year 93,600
Year 10 and 113,900
Year 12 and 134,500

The Nairobi Academy

The Nairobi Academy tries its best to bring the phrase “home away from home” to life. The students have the opportunity to take up music, orchestra, drama, debate and more while they prepare for IGCSE and A-level qualifications. There’s also a wide range of sporting activities including golf, squash and cricket.

The Nairobi Academy Fees

Fees are both annual and per term.

ClassFees (KShs)
Pre-preparatory 180,000
Pre-preparatory 297,000
Pre-preparatory 3110,000
Pre-preparatory 4140,000
Year 2157,500
Year 3187,000
Year 4201,000
Year 5229,000
Year 6254,000
Year 7266,000
Year 8270,000
Year 9291,000
Year 10306,000
Year 11 (annual)918,000
Year 12 and 13 (annual)960,000
BTEC Programme (annual)759,000

Find the full fee structures here.

Notable Campus Facilities: A 25-metre swimming pool, squash courts, a careers library, and art and music studios.

Nairobi Jaffery Academy

The Nairobi Jaffery Academy might be an Islam-based institution, but they highly respect and celebrate all faith and cultures. The curriculum follows the Cambridge program, leading to Advanced Subsidiary and A-Level examination courses. The school also has a sports facility with an athletics track and a well-equipped gym.

Nairobi Jaffery Academy Fees

These fees are termly and discounted due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

ClassFees (KShs)
Pre Kindergarten29,680
Kindergarten 134,132
Kindergarten 2 and 334,874
Year 156,250
Year 260,000
Year 363,750
Year 465,625
Year 569,375
Year 671,250
Year 789,888
Year 896,000
Year 9100,000
Year 10104,000

Find the full fee structures here.

Notable Campus Facilities: SMART learning centres.

Oshwal Academy

Oshwal Academy provides an inclusive, holistic educational experience. They emphasize self-directed learning and cultivate leadership skills. The school offers a wide range of sports and projects for students to engage in outside the classroom, including badminton, hockey and drama/dance/music club.

Oshwal Academy Fees

We couldn’t find any reliable source of fees for Oshwal Academy. Kindly get in touch with the school.

Notable Campus Facilities: Eco club, ICT/Robotics club and mountaineering.

Pembroke House School

Pembroke follows the British Common Entrance curriculum, within the context of its Kenyan setting. The school strives to provide a family atmosphere while teaching dignity and whole roundedness. The children can involve themselves in activities such as rhythm and dance, tennis, squash and design technology.

Pembroke House School Fees

Fees are annual.

ClassFees (KShs)
Year 11,271,400
Year 21,034,300
Year 3 to 82,542,800

Peponi School

  • Location: Off Thika Rd, Ruiru
  • Curriculum: British, Christian
  • Ages: 13 to 18
  • Boarding or Day School: Both
  • Total No. of pupils: ~320
  • Website

Peponi School encourages a common experience for all its students, promoting unity and respect across all cultures. The teachers blend life and learning to best prepare the children for life in university and beyond. There are also a few programs geared toward developing future leaders like their expedition society.

Peponi School Fees 

Fees are per term.

ClassFees (KShs)
Kindergarten playgroup195,000
Kindergarten reception280,000
Pre-preparatory 1316,000
Pre-preparatory 2582,000
Preparatory year 3 to 8632,285
Senior full boarders1,115,180
Senior weekly boarders1,053,175
Senior day pupils731,510

Find the full fee structures here for the preparatory school and here for the senior school.

Notable Campus Facilities: The expedition society, Model United Nations and the music program.

Riara International School

  • Location: Riara Gardens, Woodley
  • Curriculum: British
  • Ages: 3 to 11
  • Boarding or Day School: Both (boarding option only in high school)
  • Total No. of pupils: Undisclosed
  • Website

Riara aspires to teach its students high moral and social values through their experiences in class and at play. The curriculum is designed to form a strong academic foundation for future learning at all stages.

Riara International School Fees

ClassFees (Kshs)
Year 1130,000
Year 2 – 3150,000
Year 4 – 5165,000
Year 6180,000

Find the full fee structures here.

Rosslyn Academy

Rosslyn offers a full American college preparatory curriculum, including mandatory Christian education courses annually. The Advanced Placement is one of the most successful in Africa. The school also dedicates a week each year to community-based placement. Students visit and live with various communities to broaden their understanding of the world. 

Rosslyn Academy Fees

The fees range from $2,570 – $7,410.

Notable Campus Facilities: Performing, visual and applied arts programme and a member of KAIS Sports League.

Rusinga School

Rusinga is a CIS accredited British system Christian school. The school is notable for its dedication to participating in community service, with each student expected to clock at least 350 hours. The students gain invaluable worldly and work experience from this participation.

Rusinga School Fees

Fees are per term for the first child. Fees reduce with subsequent children enrolled in the school.

ClassFees (KShs)
Toddlers class77,700
Kindergarten 1102,900
Kindergarten 2 and 3133,350
Year 1213,150
Year 2 and 3 249,900
Year 4 to 6262,500
Year 7 to 9308,700
Year 10321,300
Year 11481,950
Year 12 and 13521,850

Find the full fee structures here.

Notable Campus Facilities: Salsa, junior band, rollerblading and informatics.

Sabis International School

  • Location: Off Kiambu Rd, Runda
  • Curriculum: British IGCSE, US-based Advanced Placement Program
  • Ages: 4 to 18
  • Boarding or Day School: Both
  • Total No. of pupils: Undisclosed
  • Website

Sabis is an international network of schools with a presence in 20 countries. The school has a digital platform on which everyone involved can monitor the students’ progress. 

Sabis strives to develop future leaders by encouraging positive relationships that go beyond academic to social, cultural and environmental development.

Sabis International School Fees

Fees are annual and payable in 3 instalments.

ClassFees (KShs)
Kindergarten 1648,900
Kindergarten 2702,975
Grade 1775,075
Grade 2829,150
Grade 3880,650
Grade 4914,125
Grade 5942,450
Grade 6968200
Grade 71,001,675
Grade 81,055,750
Grade 91,109,825
Grade 10 to 121,163,900

Find the full fee structures here.

Notable Campus Facilities: State-of-the-art sports field, all-season running track, performing arts theatre and an integrated testing and learning hall.

St Andrews, Turi

  • Location: C 56, Molo
  • Curriculum: British, Christian
  • Ages: 3 to 18
  • Boarding or Day School: Both
  • Total No. of pupils: ~600
  • Website

St. Andrews is a mixed-race, Christian boarding community. The faculty aims to provide education that has foundations in lifelong values, friendships, and attitudes. The school also prides itself on working with the community to leave a positive impact all around.

St Andrews, Turi Fees

Fees are per term.

ClassFees Day (KShs)Fees Weekly/ Full Boarding (KShs)
Year 1 and 2342,000650,000/ 684,000
Year 3 and 4462,000676,000/ 711,000
Year 5 and 6496,000724,000/ 762,000
Year 7 and 8534,000781,000/ 822,000
Year 9567,000829,000/ 873,000
Year 10 and 11615,000898,000/ 946,000
Year 12 and 13665,000972,000/ 1,023,000

Find the full fee structure here.

Notable Campus Facilities: Airstrip, visits from wildlife.

Svenska Skolan (Swedish School) Nairobi

Most of the students at the Swedish School come from Sweden and the Nordic region. Classes are therefore mainly taught in Swedish and the school offers a different experience for all students. The students go for many study visits around Kenya as part of the school’s effort to broaden their education of the world.

Swedish School Nairobi Fees

Fees are annual and in Swedish Kronor

ClassPrivate (SEK)Employer (SEK)
Preschool class76,100108,400
Primary school 1 to 380,500115,300
Primary school 4 to 686,100123,100
Primary school 7 to 992,900133,100
High school102,900146,600

Find the full fee structure here.

Woodcreek School

  • Location: Kamiti Rd, Kamiti
  • Curriculum: British
  • Ages: 2 to 18
  • Boarding or Day School: Day
  • Total No. of pupils: ~150
  • Website

Woodcreek School is multicultural and based on Christian values, but they accommodate all religions. The school puts a lot of effort into providing individualised learning. Extracurricular activities are diverse and include sports and arts clubs like taekwondo, photography, ballet, cookery and beadwork.

Woodcreek School Fees

Fees are annual.

ClassFees (KShs)
2 to 3 years116,250
3 to 4 years122,500
4 to 5 years131,250
Year 1184,000
Year 2201,250
Year 3230,000
Year 4235,750
Year 5253,000
Year 6270,250
Year 7 and 8275,000
Year 9294,800
Year 10302,500
Year 111,039,500
Year 12 and 131,275,750

Find the full fee structures here.

Notable Campus Facilities: Art and Music room and photography club.

Woodland Star International School

Woodland Star refers to itself as a “best-practice” school. This simply means they take the best parts of international recognised education systems into their curriculum. For example, they follow the Common Core State Standards to guide the Math and Literacy studies and the Next Generation Science Standards to guide Science.

The school also has a dynamic range of extracurricular activities that includes HipHop. You read that right.

Woodland Star International School Fees

Fees are annual and in dollars.

ClassSelf-paid ($)Employer-paid ($)
2 years to 5 years old, half-day, 3 days per week3,795
2 years to 5 years old, half-day, 5 days per week5,250
2 years to 5 years old, full-day, 5 days per week7,455
Primary years 1 to 413,32019,200
Middle years and highschool13,74019,815

Find the fee structure here for early years, and here for primary, middle and high school.

Notable Campus Facilities: Ballet, modern dance, tap dance, parkour, taekwondo and violin.

Final Thoughts

These international schools in Nairobi offer your child a balanced education and the environment to find the best of themselves. The education provided meets the highest international standards and the qualifications are acceptable everywhere. So don’t worry about your kids’ education when you move to Nairobi. They’re well covered.

Frequently Asked Questions About International Schools in Nairobi

How many international schools are in Nairobi?

There are 41 international schools in Nairobi. We have featured 25 of them.

How much is the International School of Kenya?

Basic tuition at the International School of Kenya ranges from $16,974 to $32,543 per year.

Which is the most expensive international school in Kenya?

According to our list, the International School of Kenya is the most expensive international school in Kenya.

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