Yoga in Nairobi | The Best Studios and Classes in Every Neighbourhood

You won’t struggle to find someone teaching yoga in Nairobi. The practice has become incredibly popular in recent years, with studios and teachers hosting classes in every neighbourhood in the city. 

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or you just want to try it out for the first time, use this guide to find classes near you, along with retreats and yoga events happening outside Nairobi.

Kenya Yoga Community 

The Kenya Yoga Community Facebook group is your one-stop-shop for everything related to yoga in the country. Studios and teachers regularly post about classes and retreats. You can use it to find teachers and studios, ask questions, seek advice, and connect with like-minded yoga enthusiasts. 


Acacia Studio

  • Classes: daily, numerous times
  • Styles: Vinyasa Flow; Power Yoga; Ashtanga; Pre-Natal; Yin; Kid’s Yoga
  • Prices: from 1,000 for a drop-in class to 10,000 for unlimited monthly membership

Acacia Studio offers the most comprehensive program of yoga in Nairobi. They teach a wide range of styles for both beginners and advanced yogis throughout the day. Its location in Westlands, and early morning and evening classes, makes it ideal for people living or working nearby. 

Check out the full class schedules, prices, and more on Acacia Studio’s website.

Yoga Heart Kenya

  • Classes: daily, numerous times
  • Styles: Vinyasa; Yin; Power Yoga; 
  • Prices: TBC

Yoga Heart runs daily classes throughout the morning, afternoon, and evening. It’s based in Kenrail Towers, in the heart of Westlands. This makes it a convenient choice if you’re often visiting the nearby shopping malls and supermarkets.

Ikigai Coworking Space

  • Classes: Mondays @ 5pm
  • Prices: TBC

Ikigai hosts weekly outdoor yoga sessions in their beautiful garden. You don’t need to be a coworking member to join, but you’ll need to reserve in advance. 


Africa Yoga Project

  • Classes: Saturdays @ 10am
  • Styles: Power Yoga (more TBC)
  • Prices: donation-based

Africa Yoga Project (AYP) is a yoga NGO best known for its grueling (but incredibly enjoyable) Saturday morning power yoga. Attendance is donation-based, with over 100 people crammed into a two-level studio. 

It’s sweaty, loud, and exhausting, with people screaming and collapsing on their mats as the session gets ever more intense. And then… it’s over. And you get some delicious chapati and beans for your effort. 

Trust me. It’s worth experiencing at least once. 

AYP also hosts regular yoga classes throughout the week in Parklands and elsewhere. Contact them directly for schedules, as Covid-19 has considerably disrupted classes.


Blue Luxury Wellness Centre

  • Classes: morning and evening classes every day except for Wednesday and Sunday
  • Styles: TBC
  • Prices: 1,00 per individual class; 4,500 for 5 classes; 9,000 for 9 classes

Power Yoga Palace @ Prestige Plaza

Classes: Thursdays @5.30 pm; Saturdays @10 am 

Styles: TBCPrices: 1,000 per individual class; 4,000 for 5 classes;

Valley Arcade

Pump Fitness

  • Classes: Mon-Fri @ 5pm
  • Styles: Hatha
  • Prices: 500 per individual class; 6,000 for monthly pass

Karen and Langata

Event Haven

  • Classes: Monday @ 6 pm; Wednesday @12pm
  • Styles: Hatha
  • Prices:1,500 per class
Event Haven yoga in Nairobi

Dojo Wellness

  • Classes: Wednesday @ 9am and 5pm; Saturday @ 10.15am
  • Styles: Hatha; Yin
  • Prices:1,750 for drop-in class; 1,500 per class for members

Lavington & Kilileshwa

Pallet Cafe

  • Classes: Wednesdays @ 5pm; Sundays @ 8am
  • Prices: 750 per class

Pallet Cafe hosts outdoor classes in its garden (and event space if it’s raining). After your class, you can enjoy breakfast or lunch at one of Nairobi’s best restaurants. 

Advance registration required. 

Pallet Cafe Yoga in Nairobi

Bikram Yoga Nairobi

  • Classes: Monday @ 6 pm; Wednesday @12pm
  • Styles: Bikram hot yoga
  • Prices: 2000 for drop-in class; 17,600 for monthly membership

Bikram is an intense form of yoga practiced in a heated room for 90 minutes. It’s very active and physically challenging (not to mention sweaty) and demands a high fitness level to start.

New members get 10 days of unlimited classes for Ksh 2,000 when they sign up.

Lower Kabete

Ikigai Coworking Space

  • Classes: Thursdays @ 5.30 pm
  • Prices: TBC

Ikigai also hosts weekly classes at their Lower Kabete space if you live in the area and don’t want to commute for classes. 


Pallet Cafe Gigiri

Classes: Wednesdays 10.30 am

Loresho and Kitisuru

Kanga Studio

Classes: Daily, from 8 am to 3.30 pm

Styles: Yin; Hatha; Sivinanda; Pranayama; Pregnancy yogaPrices: Drop in 1,400; 5 class pass 5,000; Online class 1,200

Yoga on The Coast

Few things go better together than a quiet beach getaway and yoga. 

Kenya’s coast is a popular wellness destination, with yoga retreats happening throughout the year. You can also find teachers in most towns on the coast. Just ask in Kenya Yoga Community who’s hosting classes when you arrive. 

Kilifi Wellness Festival – A 4-day festival held in various locations on Kilifi’s creek and beaches.

Lamu Yoga Festival – A huge, 5-day festival hosting 150 classes in yoga, wellbeing, and much more throughout Lamu, Shela, and Manda.

7 Places to a Buy Yoga Mat in Nairobi

Plenty of Nairobi’s sports shops sell yoga mats, but they can be ridiculously expensive (6,000+ Ksh in some places). 

Before spending crazy sums on yoga equipment, check out the following stores for more affordable options. 

Decathlon – The sporting giant stocks a massive range of affordable yoga equipment, including mats, blocks, and attire. Buy online or shop at Decathlon’s stores in The Hub Karen and Village Market, Gigiri.

Miniso – The Asian store that sells everything also sells cheap yoga mats. Quality isn’t the best, but they’re great value for beginners. 

Africa Yoga Project – They sometimes have second-hand yoga mats for sale, left behind by members.

Carrefour – The French retailer has seven branches across Nairobi, with a small sporting good section in each.

Healthy U – A popular chain of health food stores in Nairobi, Healthy U occasionally stocks yoga mats.

Jumia –  Stocks a wide selection of mats available to purchase online in various prices and quality.

Nairobi Sports House –  Nairobi’s most well-known sports equipment store has a small selection of yoga mats for sale online and in-store.

Final Thoughts

This guide is by no means complete. There are plenty more places teaching yoga in Nairobi that I haven’t listed (yet). 

Aside from dedicated yoga studios, most of Nairobi’s best gyms also host regular yoga classes. Check out your closest gym and ask what they offer. 

If you know any excellent yoga studios and teachers in Nairobi that I’ve missed, leave a comment below, and I’ll add them here.

Submit Your Yoga Class

Do you run a yoga class in Nairobi? Contact us with the details (include links to your social media) and we’ll add you to the list.

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