The Best Moving Companies in Nairobi

Whether you’re just moving across town or relocating to the coast, there are plenty of moving companies in Nairobi to help you. 

But how can you know if they’re trustworthy and reliable? Will your belongings arrive on time and intact? 

Just looking at a moving company’s website isn’t going to tell you much. And there are plenty of dishonest or incompetent moving companies in Kenya. So, we’ve picked our favourite movers in Nairobi and working throughout the country. 

We’ve scoured the internet, cross-referencing reviews, and asking friends about their experiences moving in Kenya. 

From all this research, I’ve picked the 6 most trustworthy moving companies in Nairobi that offer great value and excellent service, with no hidden fees or tricks.

Note: Always do your own research and get quotes from numerous moving companies before making a decision. The Nairobi Expat Social Facebook group is an excellent resource for asking questions about the moving companies listed below.

1. Cube Movers

Cube Movers is the #1 most recommended moving company in Nairobi. 

Customers regularly praise Cube Movers for their customer service, wide range of shipping options and price plans, and efficient and reliable shipping. 

It’s a premium service and one of the most expensive in Nairobi. If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to consider a cheaper provider.

2. Capital Moving

Next up, Capital Moving has universally positive reviews from a wide range of customers. They also charge much less than Cube Movers. 

They’re an excellent choice if you’re looking for a reliable service at an affordable price.

3. Nellions Moving & Relocations

Nellions probably has more online reviews than any other moving company in Nairobi, and they’re almost universally 5 stars. 

People praise the company for its timeliness, efficiency, and reliability. Many moving companies in Nairobi seem to struggle with providing consistently excellent service, with quality dropping over time. 

Nellions, on the other hand, has maintained incredibly high standards for years.

4. Chariot Movers

Chariot Movers is much smaller than the other moving companies on this list. 

I didn’t find much information about them online, but they have some positive reviews praising their service as cheap and reliable. If you’re only moving a few boxes a short distance, Chariot Movers might be the best value.

5. DHL

moving companies in Nairobi

If you don’t have a massive amount of boxes, a simple courier service can be much better value and more convenient than hiring a moving company. 

I’ve used DHL in the past to send small packages overseas from Mombasa and Nairobi. I’ve always had a quick, easy, and satisfying experience. You can track items throughout their journey, and they always arrive on time. 

International Moving Companies

6. AGS International Movers

Every moving company in this list offers international shipping. AGS is the only one with consistently positive reviews for overseas shipping. 

International freight in Kenya can be a massive headache. Expensive delays, damaged cargo, and missing items are frequently cited issues. 

AGS is one of the only international moving companies in Nairobi that seems to shield customers from such problems consistently. They provide a reliable, efficient, and secure service shipping items all over the world.

Storage Facilities in Nairobi

If you’re only leaving Nairobi temporarily, you could store your belongings at a secure storage facility. 

Storage Central

Storage Central offers the best value for units of various sizes, starting from 4,170 Kshs per month for 3 sq. metres. 

While I’d personally like even smaller units, I’ve always found Storage Central incredibly helpful and attentive. You can pre-book a unit in advance and turn up to drop your stuff off at your convenience. There’s no contract, so you can cancel at any time.

Have You Used a Moving Company in Nairobi?

There are many more moving companies in Nairobi that I didn’t list. 

If you’ve used a service you think should be added, leave a review in the comments. 

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